HD not supported in RH5.1 setup -> cannot install

HD not supported in RH5.1 setup -> cannot install

Post by mscde » Wed, 18 Aug 1999 04:00:00

hello I'm Charlie,
I've following problem and I hope anyone can help me, please, please.
-> I have a second PC, it's a i386SX with mathematically co-processor,
and I tried to install a RedHat 5.1 system there, but in the setup I get
the message that there is no drive where it can copy the files.
First I thought the IDE-controller was the reason because it's an old
16bit ISA-controller. But when I tried two other controllers (16bit ISA
cards too, but newer) I got the same message.
The HD itself is OK because I've already installed a system when it was
build in my Pentium-PC. But I have to install system on it's own PC, for
the right X-server and other peripheral, you now.

thanks and regards


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I'm planning on installing RH5 on my PII system in the very near future
(I have already ordered my copy of RH5) and am planning on redoing my
current system in preparation for that install very soon.

I plan to run both Win95 and RH5 and use LILO.  I currently have 2 HD, 1
Syquest EZ-135, and a CD-ROM on my IDE cables and am planning on using
one of the HD solely for Linux.

My question is this: When I redo my system, what would be the best
configuration for arranging my drives to support linux?  I was planning
on the following:

hda* (Win95 stuff)
hdb  (Syquest or CD-ROM)
hdc* (Linux drive)
hdd  (CD-ROM or Syquest).

However, I read in the Installation How to that:

"your boot sectors for any OS have to live on one of the first two
physical disks. Otherwise LILO will hang after writing "LI", no matter
where you run it from."

Does this mean that my desired configuration will not work?  Any replies
would be appreciated.


Lael Jones


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