Hard Disk Jumper Question on Maxtor IDE as second disk

Hard Disk Jumper Question on Maxtor IDE as second disk

Post by Erik Kleinbussi » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 08:17:59

I just picked up a new system and wanted to add my old Maxtor
7213AT (203Mb) as a second IDE disk. Since I have no documentation
I was wondering if someone out there had run this drive as a 2nd
disk. Is there a jumper to set in order to get this drive to act like
a second disk?

The current system is a packard bell pentium system with dual IDE
connectors, one for standard IDE, one for PCI IDE. The primary drive
is a seagate 1080Mb running off the PCI connector. The docs seem to
indicate that each connector can handle two disks.

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