MPEG Audio encoder/decoder??

MPEG Audio encoder/decoder??

Post by Bj?rn Ekengre » Sun, 16 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Are threr any MPEG Audio encoder/decoder card avalible
that works with linux ???


MPEG Audio encoder/decoder??

Post by Holger Ki » Sun, 06 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> Are threr any MPEG Audio encoder/decoder card avalible
> that works with linux ???

Look at
It's a shareware encoder/decoder with free testing for 30 days...

Tsch?, Holger


1. MPEG-1 video/audio encoder/decoder for Linux (command line, redhat) needed!


I need help finding a Linux console program to decode an MPEG-1 Video
file (with audio) and re-encode it at a different size and bitrate
back to MPEG-1.

Basically, I have a bunch of MPEG-1 video files sized at 640x480 that
I want to convert to 480x352 in MPEG-1 video and I want to do this
using a Perl script (backward ticks) so that it can be done whenever
new 640x480 MPEG-1 videos enter a particular directory.

The scripting part is easy, but finding a decoder/encoder has proven
to be a big challenge.

The only program I've successfully used is called ffmpeg and it does
what I want, but some of the options are confusing and emailing the
author didn't yeild a response.  I'm getting closer to a good finished
MPEG-1 at 480x352, but there's always a comprimise - either the
picture quality suffers or the motion suffers and I end up with a
'jumpy' picture.

I'm also looking for a decent MPEG-1 console controlled video (and
audio) player for Linux - currently everything I've tried will not
play audio.

Thanks in advance!

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