SMP with 2.1.8x-Kernels

SMP with 2.1.8x-Kernels

Post by Matthias.H.Hen.. » Thu, 05 Mar 1998 04:00:00


I use a IWill-Dual Pentium Board and have the well-known Problem
getting 2.xx Bogo Mips for the 2nd Processor. I got the Pach for the
2.0-krnels and it works fine with a 2.0.32-kernel. But tis Patch does
not ork on the 2.1.>=70-kernels that I tried. (I fixed all the
*.rejects I get) Has anyone done a port?

Thanks, Matthias


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Hey all-

I'm attempting (stupidly, perhaps... =) to build a 2.1.85/8
kernel on an LX164 Alpha/PC box.  The original RedHat5 kernel boots
just fine and dandy; however, the new 2.1.8x kernel gets just past
the unzipping-the-kernel point and then dies.  Complete, total,
absolute hang, gotta hit the reset button to get it to reboot.

I attempted both 2.1.85 and 2.1.88 unpatched, and with the patches located
(I couldn't get into the azstarnet ftp site... =)

The new kernel is definitely not stripped (make boot was done).
I'm suspecting there's something  with the bootloader that I'm not doing
correctly, but I can't think of what.

Any clues will be mightily appreciated, and thanks in advance!

Sam Sheng

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