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Has Linux got suport for USB yet?


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> Has Linux got suport for USB yet?

Well, i just got my USB-scanner to work. I have
kernel 2.3.99-pre3.
In the kernel-configuration i also saw support for
USB keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, modems,
sound, and some more. Sounds like full USB-support
to me.


1. USB, T-Online, Eumex 504PC USB [Was: Re: suse6.4 - usb]

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Not really any help ...

I now have RH 7 running with current updates, as I unsuccessfully was
able to get a Debian floppy install to recognize my Intel 810e video
chipset (which RH 7's install had the chipset!). SuSE was my baby, but I
have fallen behind, and now -- instead of Central Florida -- I an near
SuSe's HQ here in Deutschland!!

My wife is now a civilian employee at the US Army base in Grafenwohr
(Vilseck). I am retired at age 40 and loving my view here in Auerbach

I just got Becker's test tulip.c and other drivers to get my Linksys
LNE100TX Rev 4.1 NIC working perfectly on a <gulp> 50-50 Win98SE-Linux
home LAN (4 boxes at the moment).

Since T-Online and the proprietary Deutsche Telekom Eumex 504PC USB ISDN
package (hardware/software) don't work on Linux ... I am ready to start
running the latest test kernels and try to find a way to get those very
proprietary USB devices working under Linux! Not because of the hardware
... but looking at the 'USB port recognition' and going from there.

Stay in touch?

Your new friend in Deutschland,

Jeff Rose

Kostlerring 19-A
91275 Auerbach
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