Question about serial multiport configuration and kernel 2.2.x.

Question about serial multiport configuration and kernel 2.2.x.

Post by Alessandro Staltar » Fri, 09 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I know linux serial driver in kernel 2.2.x can handle multport serial boards
with standard 16650 UARTS using the same hardware interrupt for all ports.
I read it is possible to set up the serial driver so that it will check an
I/O port (if the multiport serial board provides it) comparing its contents
with user provided bitmasks to see which ports caused the interrupt instead
of polling all them, but it seems limited to boards having no more than 4
ports. Is it true?

I have a serial multiport board with 8 ports and the requests of each port
are mapped on one of the 8 bits of an I/O port.

Does the serial driver supports 8 ports mapped on the same I/O ports or I
have to configure my 8 ports serial  board like as I had two boards with 4

If the driver has the 4 ports limit how hard is it shifting the limit to 8?

If the driver can already handle all the 8 ports, which is the sintax for


Alessandro Staltari


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