Linux compatability with Dual PIIs, AGP, Large HDs, Large memory and On-Board SCSI

1. Linux Compatability with Dual PIIs, AGP Video, Large HD, Large Memory and On-Board SCSI.

Due to the responses from people about my proposed
system the configuration is now :

Dual Intel 300Mhz Pentium II
Micronics 'Spitfire EX' motherboard :
   Intel 440LX AGP & PIIX 4 Chipsets
   SMC FDC37C935 Ultra I/O chip
   Ultra DMA/33 IDE
   Adaptec 7895 Dual UltraSCSI
   Yamaha OPL3-SA2/3 (Sound Blaster Compatible 16bit)
   Phoenix 4.06 Flash BIOS
   PS/2 mouse + keyboard
Quantum Bigfoot TX 12Gb UDMA IDE HD. (Partitioned 9Gb Linux, 3Gb WinNT)
Toshiba 32x CD-ROM drive (ATAPI)
128Mb SDRAM (2x64Mb)

ADI MicroScan 6G (19'')
Iomega Ditto Max (10Gb compressed) (ATAPI). Is this compatable with Linux?
MS Nautral Keyboard (PS/2)
Logitech Mouseman (PS/2)
Running Redhat Linux 5.0 (Build latest kernel +SMP), XFree86 (latest), KDE, AfterStep and TriTeal CDE.
MS Windows NT 4 or 5

Is there anywhere to get patches for the 7895 USCSI? The suggested server dosn't work!
Does anyone have XF86 config files for the ADI monitor? I think it can go upto 1600 x 1200.
The HD has not changed as it is very cheap at 257 pounds (About 385 dollars?). Which is around
2 pence per Mb (3 cents?). If anyone can suggest a drive with similar value for money
(in the UK) I might consider changing it.
There is a version of the MouseMan with a wheel for scrolling. Is this supported.

My friend is getting a Dell Dimension P233 which has a STB Velocity nVidia AGP Video card
with 4Mb of RAM. Can only fing PCI versions of X-servers at SuSE, but I didn't look very hard.
Will these work? (I don't think so!)


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