Harddrake freezes (new Pinnacle Studio PCTV Rave)

Harddrake freezes (new Pinnacle Studio PCTV Rave)

Post by Xedra Rolan » Thu, 19 Jul 2001 01:11:18

 I plugged in a TV-card (Pinnacle Studio PCTV Rave) and hoped for the
best... When I start my Mandrake 8.0, everything goes well until the
hardware detection part. It just detects, and detects, and detects...
Nothing really happens, and my machine is all quiet (exept for the cooler
of course). I got Linux up when skipped both Harddrake and Kudzu. (The
failsafe-boot also works well)

 I tried searching for newsgroups etc, if anyone had similar problems, but
all I could found was "Works fine under Linux" and "No problems" ;)

 I really wanted to do some photo capturing tonight, my favourite show is
on at 22:30...

 - X