Trickey problem overiding on-board card with a PCI card.

Trickey problem overiding on-board card with a PCI card.

Post by Eric Lefle » Fri, 14 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I just went through the install of RH51 on my bosses Gateway2000 E3000
which has a Intel P233 motherboard with a built-in 2Mb ATI
RageII+DVD graphics card. The problem here is that we need more video
and ordered the machine with a 4Mb PCI version of the same card.
to Gateway, the built-in card automatically disables if another graphics
card is plugged into a PCI slot. This seems to be the case since there
is no
video output coming from the on-board video.  However, although RH51
detected the card and installed the correct driver(XF86_Mach64), X
that "none of the configured devices were found." If we pull the 4Mb PCI
card then X works just fine.

Here is the strange thing, 95 and NT both see the 4Mb card when
installed on
this machine and seems to work as expected. So, I don't suspect a bad

My workstation at work (running Caldera 1.1) is the same exact Gw2K with
same 4Mb ATI PCI card and works like a champ. I tried copying over both
XF86_Mach64 along with my config file to the RH5.1 machine. This failed
well with the same error. It seems to me that somehow, the on-board
video is
not correctly disabled and X is getting confused. We have tried draining
NVRAM on the machine to force it to re-detect the state of the video
-- I somehow remember doing this on my machine at some point. But this
not fix the problem. We have also compared the jumpers on both
and they match exactly. Gateway tech support insists that the on-bord
is disabled.

At this point I am out of Ideas. What are some other things I can
do to debug this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Eric Lefler                          

UC Davis, CVDLS Information Systems


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