Machine stops - no panic. HELP!!

Machine stops - no panic. HELP!!

Post by James Co » Tue, 06 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Hello Linuxers,

I have a 486 PC running Linux.

I turn it off over the weekend.

Each Monday morning, it freezes (no further action, no panic) within five
minutes of booting Linux.

It doesn't freeze if it boots Windows for Workgroups (WfWg) from our Novell
fileserver, even on Monday mornings.

Because it freezes at randoml and only on Monday, I believe that there is a
hardware problem.  Because it doesn't freeze in WfWg, I need Linux-based
hardware test tools in order to show this to somebody.  

Please advise.

Full configuration is:

LINUX kernel 1.2.4
EISA motherboard
Intel 486DX4 100 processor
Diamond Stealth 64 video card
IDE interface
850 MB hard disk
  - bios LBA support
  - it's a Connor disk - I don't know the microcode version
Panasonic CD Rom
3Com 3C503 ethernet
SoundBlaster 16 clone
Logitech MouseMan mouse

as I have trouble keeping up with this group.



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Looking for more information on this, I have just been finding the extremely
helpful, "contact your service provider."
Taking a guess, this seems reminiscent of the old parity-error messages I
would get on my 386 with less-than-perfect memory.

I am just hoping that there could be a non-hardware related problem causing
Or is my being terminally poor still manifesting itself by the creative
failure of the hardware I can afford?

- Steve Young

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