Mounting Large FAT Partitions on Redhat 6.2

Mounting Large FAT Partitions on Redhat 6.2

Post by James Rossel » Sun, 02 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Im settting up my redhat server to store my vast collection of data on my
currenty 40.6 bg hd
i want to keep the hard disk in one large 40.6 gb fat32 partition so it can
be taked out of the redhat system and put back in to windows 98/nt.
btw server has a seperate disk for OS
question is how do i get redhat 6.2 to mount such a large fat partition? can
be done or do i need some specical filesystem update?
thx in advance



1. apache logs on nfs mounted partitions from redhat linux 6.2 client

I have a redhat 6.2 linux machine running apache 1.3.12 (I tested this
with 1.3.19 as well) using the TransferLog directive pointing to an
NFS mounted partition directory for its log file.

When the logfile is pointed to my local box, all is well.

Has anyone encountered this before and/or knows the solution around
this?  Basically I need to use the large nfs mounted partition to
store all the log files.

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