PAS 16 CD-ROM and Slakware96, mounting CD-ROM crashes system

PAS 16 CD-ROM and Slakware96, mounting CD-ROM crashes system

Post by John Zavgre » Sat, 19 Oct 1996 04:00:00


 I installed Linux 2.0.0 from the Slakware96 distribution on a 486 PC
that has a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 CD-ROM drive. I installed from floppies
because none of the pre-compiled kernels would work with the drive. I
figured I would build my own kernel that would be customized for my
hardware configuration and then voila --- the CD-ROM drive would be
recognized, etc.
 Nonetheless, with every kernel I have used, whether it was supplied
with the Slakware distribution, or one that I built myself, I run into
the following situation:

 1.) If I boot the machine with a CD-ROM disk in the drive, the little
green light on the driver lights up and then about 20 seconds later the
machine crashes.
 2.) If I boot without a CD-ROM in the drive I get a healthy machine,
but soon after I try to mount a CD-ROM ... the machine crashes.

 When the machine crashes I get console messages that indicate there has
been a "SCSI hang".
 When the machine boots, the PAS16 SCSI controller and the NEC CD-ROM
drive are both recognized. If there is no CD-ROM in the drive, Linux
will attempt to mount the drive three times and then give up with a
message indicating it has assumed there is not CD-ROM in the drive.

 Any ideas?
No meetings, please!

John Zavgren


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I cannont boot Linux with the SCSI driver for the ProAudio Spectrum 16
enabled.  It hangs up right after detecting the Chinon CDS-535 CD-ROM drive
attached to the PAS 16.  It says something about "reseting for retries".  
First of all, what is going wrong?  Second, given a kernel compiled (because
right now I don't have the memory/time to recompile) with the driver in it, is
there a way I can just disable the driver with an option through LILO?  I
don't need the CD drive enabled right now, I don't have anything real
important on CDs (yet!).

Please email any replies if possible (maybe post too if you want), because I
can't keep up with the volume of this newsgroup.  Thanks!

Chris Adams

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