IBM Thinkpad 701C Install

IBM Thinkpad 701C Install

Post by Richard D. McRober » Sun, 22 Oct 1995 04:00:00

: Help!

: I've got an IBM Thinkpad 701C Notebook fresh off the production line.
: Its got 16MB ram and a 720MB HD.  I'm trying to get a disk to boot in it.

: I've done this at the boot prompt: ramdisk floppy=thinkpad, and I get this:

: boot: ramdisk floppy=thinkpad
: Loading ramdisk                                                            
: Error 0x10
:  boot: ramdisk floppy=thinkpad

I don't have any personal experience, but I'm interested in this question
and found the following recent article, which probably has expired at
your site.  Hope it helps.

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Subject: Re: Linux on Thinkpad 701C?
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>I am considering installing linux on an IBM Thinkpad 701C laptop
>(Butterfly). I like to know if anybody has done such installation  

Since this seems to have expired at your site:

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Subject: Re: Thinkpad 701c & Linux?
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 18:05:26 GMT
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>I've seen the occasional post from people running at least the textual
>portions of Linux on an IBM Thinkpad 701 (the "butterfly" machine).  With
>the most recent round of price cuts, I've been entertaining the idea of
>replacing my Thinkpad 500 with a 701, but I do have some concerns about
>this machine and Linux.  I would be most grateful to hear from folks
>running this combination.  In particular:
>Does the 701 require the same swing-a-dead-chicken-over-your-head
>installation as most of the other Thinkpads?  That was one nice bit with
>the 500... one could just use the common install disks.
>Does XFree86 work with the internal display?  If so, are the 16-bit or
>rumored 24-bit capabilities supported?  Could someone perhaps post the
>pertinent sections of their XF86Config file?
>I take it things like the DSP-based modem and audio, or the IrDa port,
>are out of the question?  I already have a PCMCIA modem anyway if the
>built-in one won't work, but have heard that the expanding keyboard might
>block XJack-type modems.  Any ideas?
>Anything else I should know about that I'm not already familiar with from
>the 500?
>Thanks much for any feedback you could provide.
>      Phillip Burgess    |  "It's a Cretaceous highway of information, all

Hi Phil,

  I've been running Linux on my Butterfly with no problems at all.  I
used the standard Slackware 2.3 install disks.  After installation, I
added the PCMCIA drivers to get my Panasonic KXL-D720 CDROM drive
working (via a New Media Bus-Toaster SCSI card), and my 3com 53C589
PCMCIA Ethernet card also works fine.  I use DIP to dial up to my
Internet service provider via PPP using the internal modem (BTW - it's
*not* DSP based like the newer 755 series - it's a standard 14.4K
internal fax modem).  Also, the Linux soundblaster support works fine
with the internal ESS688 chip (soundblaster-register-compatible).  I'm
running XFree 3.1.2 on both the LCD with hardware panning and an

not seem to support 16- or 24-bit color (yet).  I have not tried to
use the IrDA capabilities under Linux, but the IR port *can* be set up
to act as a standard serial port running at up to 115200bps.  Hope
this helps....

--Jim Lee
John H. Kim        "A common mistake that people make when trying to design

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Hope this helps.

Duff McRoberts


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Yeah, well the subject line pretty much covers it. I have a Shuttle Technology
EPSA-2 Parallel port  to SCSI CD-Rom drive interface and I have downloaded the
drivers for it epsa.c (.h too) and now what do I do?

Need I install the disc using DOS first, then compile the kernal (how?) to
enable me to continue using the cd-rom or is there an easier method?

Has anyone else set up a Thinkpad 701C for Linux?


The last experience I had with Unix was working a bit with Coherent, but that
was five or more years ago...before cd-roms, and I never compiled a new kernal.

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