MSA 1000 on RedHat

MSA 1000 on RedHat

Post by Andr » Fri, 23 May 2003 10:48:00

Is somebody using Compaq(HP) MSA 1000 SAN storage with multiple ProLiant
DL380 G3, HBA Qlogic QLA2312 running RedHat 8 ?

This set will be used to provide Oracle 9i + RAC.      
For my tests I setup this hardware running RedHat 7.3 with
recompiled kernel more specific for use with Oracle, it work
no problem. I heard from some IT people that I may have a problems
with LVM provided with RedHat 7.3, I don't know how far I should
believe in the warning, I have one of my Oracle 9i development servers
with 125GB (hardware base RAID 5) storage using LVM.This system is
is working since ~12 weeks under heavy usage without any problems.
RedHat 8 has newer version of LVM. and it's reason why I would like
use it.
If somebody any experience with above scenario, please let me know.
Any advice welcome.

Thank you,

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