lost(?) dos partition--is still there

lost(?) dos partition--is still there

Post by Harry Par » Fri, 02 Mar 2001 18:16:21

I have 2 disks. c:is dos
d: is partitioned 880 megs dos 3.2gigs linux
I upgraded to rh7 this weekend. when the system boots the only drive I
have is c although bios sees the other drive. I did partition magic the
large drive down to 800 gigs from 2 gigs. and I did not test to see if
the 2nd drive was available after doing so. I just went ahead and
upgraded to rh7. I notice there is a partition type in fdisk listed as
partition magic. Could changing to this type of partition solve the
problem? currently the partition table looks like

Name Flags Part Typ FS Typ [Label] Size (MB)
hdb1        Primary FAT16   quantum  888.34

the rest are ext2

I can see the dos data on the second drive under linux, I just can't see
it from Windows. I also may have screwed up in the upgrade by pointing
to the second drive hdb in the lilo configuration. I now have to boot
from floppy to get to linux since my old method (loadlin) no longer

one last comment the cfdisk, when writing the partition table, returns
" Not precisely one primary partition is bootable. DOS MBR cannot boot
                 Toggle bootable flag of the current partition



1. I am buying an Ultra 5 but am lost in part numbers ....

Leave the ultra 5  from sun alone.  If your really interested in the most
bang for your buck and your sure about not wanting call EIS, (EIS.com) or
Marathon.  They sell OEM Boards from Sun.  The OEM boards are cheaper but
get this..they have built in SCSI instead of IDE.  So in all
actuallity they're better.  Just got a 300MHZ ultra sparc with 4 gig
Scsi, 64MB for $2350.  Its the same as an ultra 10 and manufactored by
Sun.  I added an internal SCSI 9gig drive and it screams compared to
my office ultra 10 that cost a heck of a lot more with the external disk

Call EIS.  They'll take care of you.

Did I say EIS??? ;)

There are a few other places that sell OEM and clones too.  Go to Yahoo
and do a search.  And just so you know Sun will support the OEM boards
because they're manufactured by Sun but I'm not sure about the clones.  So
stay away from them unless they are manufactured by Sun!!


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