Epox pp6-ns dual Pentium Pro motherboard

Epox pp6-ns dual Pentium Pro motherboard

Post by Bosco » Thu, 19 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone tried to run Linux with an Epox pp6-ns dual Pentium Pro
motherboard <http://www.epox.com/pp6-ns.html>?  Any compatibility issues I
should be aware of?

-- Bosco So



1. Dual Pentium Pro Motherboard


I have just got a new system from Micron Electronics, which now support dual pentium pro
chips.  The motherboard is light2p6?  I could install the Linux on the 2 month old Millenia
Pro.  But this time I can't even boot the installer.

I have Adaptec 2940U card just like the other one(I downloaded the corrected boot disk).  

If anyone installed the red hat(or any other linux) on the same mother board, let me know.


Takahiko Koyama

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