Linux and a Supra 28k2 Fax/Modem

Linux and a Supra 28k2 Fax/Modem

Post by Andrew Ruthv » Wed, 17 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi guys!  I'm a having a problem with my Supra Fax/Modem talking (or rather,
not talking) with mgetty.

What happens is after I start my system everything is honkydory until someone
dials in.  Then, after they've logged out the Supra refuses to talk to the
Linux box.  Here's an except from my logs.

-- Begin --

05/16 13:54:31 ua2  tcgetattr failed: I/O error
05/16 13:54:31 ua2  cannot get TIO: I/O error
05/16 13:54:31 ua2  mg_init_device failed, trying again
05/16 13:54:31 ua2  lowering DTR to reset Modem
05/16 13:54:32 ua2  send: \d\d\d\d\d\d\d\d+++\d\dAT&Y0[0d]
05/16 13:54:37 ua2  waiting for ``OK'' ** found **
05/16 13:54:37 ua2  fax_send: 'AT+FCLASS=2.0' -> ERROR
05/16 13:54:38 ua2  fax_send: 'AT+FCLASS=2' -> OK
05/16 13:54:38 ua2  fax_send: 'AT+FCLASS=0' -> OK
05/16 13:54:38 ua2  fax_send: 'AT+FAA=1;+FCR=1' -> OK
05/16 13:54:38 ua2  fax_send: 'AT+FBOR=0' -> OK
05/16 13:54:39 ua2  fax_send: 'AT+FLID="64 04 478 0000"'
05/16 13:54:59 ua2  Warning: got alarm signal!
05/16 13:54:59 ua2  fax_read_byte: read returned -1: Interrupted system call
05/16 13:54:59 ua2  fax_get_line: cannot read byte, return: Interrupted system call -> ERROR

-- End --

There's some more where it's basically saying that it can't read anything
from the modem.  It then periodically tries talking to the modem, each looks
like this:

-- Begin --

05/16 14:13:54 ua2  check for lockfiles
05/16 14:13:54 ua2  locking the line
05/16 14:13:55 ua2  lowering DTR to reset Modem
05/16 14:13:56 ua2  send: \d\d\d\d\d\d\d\d+++\d\dAT&Y0[0d]
05/16 14:14:01 ua2  waiting for ``OK''
05/16 14:14:21 ua2  timeout in chat script, waiting for `OK'
05/16 14:14:21 ua2  init chat failed, exiting...: Interrupted system call

-- End --

The really strange thing is that I can still poll using UUCP, and dial out
using minicom.  So far my only method of fixing the modem to speak with
mgetty is to reset the computer.  (A soft reboot works fine.)

Help!  If you anyone needs more info just yell.  :)

BTW, I added a few more \d's to the init-chat string because the FAQ
recommended it if you had timeout problems.

Thanks in advance!

Andrew Ruthven, Wellington, New Zealand          ObDisclaimer:


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