Slackware 3.4, Comapq Deskpro 6200 & bootdisks

Slackware 3.4, Comapq Deskpro 6200 & bootdisks

Post by Geoff Johnst » Tue, 02 Jun 1998 04:00:00


i wonder if any one has had the same problem as me.  My Comapq will
run and install Red hat no problems at all, however when I attempt to
install Slackware, On booting the machine gets so far and then (Just
after the PCI probe I think)  it reboots its self.

I was thinking of building a new slackware kerenel under Red hat, but
was unsure about what to include or remove.

I've also tried several boot disks, but without any success.  Any one
out there been here before ?

PS I got so desperate last night I booted the machine with dos/
windows to ensure that no hardware conflicts existed !!!




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