Soundcard: Trust - Sound Expert De Luxe 16 3D

Soundcard: Trust - Sound Expert De Luxe 16 3D

Post by Harald Pauls » Sat, 28 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Just recently bought a brand new Hyundai P133 with a Trust
SB-compatible soundcard, and Windows 95 preinstalled. The
first thing I did was to format the whole lot, and Install
Linux. Now my problem is installing support for the soundcard.
I'm running kernel 1.3.20, but there's no jumpers on the
card, and I don't know the IRQ, DMA etc.
Is there support for this board directly in a newer version
of the kernel?
Does anyone have some software for detecting what port addres
and etc the card is configured at?
Doesn anyone have a PHONEnumber to Trust?
(They do have a website, but the files I could find there only
hang the computer, and there's no phonenumber mentioned).
The card worked with windows 95, but I don't want to reinstall
it to find out those damn settings =-)

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1. Trust sound expert de luxe 16 3d

Does anyone know anything about the trust sound expert de luxe 16 3d?
It's a plug'n'play board with no dip switches, so I don't know if I can
use it with linux.
Currently I have an old kernel (1.2.7) and I'm sure I cannot activate
the ide interface on the board with it, but I wonder if a kernel upgrade
can let me use it.

                              Sergio Callegari

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