install de220 on RedHat 6.0

install de220 on RedHat 6.0

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isapnp tools is telling the kernel which io addresses and
to tie to a device, but ... your device has to be configured
the way
you say in the isapnp.conf file. Card manufacturer usually
provides a
MSDOS program to change card parameters (interrupt and io), or
a rom BIOS extension to do so at boot time.
Then, even if you have the proper configuration file, you'll
need to load the
kernel module (driver) so the kernel can talk to your card
(i.e.: eth0) you can
do this with modprobe <card_driver_name>
Finally, for having IP connectivity you'll have to use ifconfig
to assign an IP
address for the card (and network mask).
Depending on the distribution this can be easily done with a
command, in
RedHat you can do all the work but the PnP stuff with netconfig

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1. install de220 on RedHat 6.0


i got problems when install d-link de220 pnp isa network card on my pc. i
try every possible io addr: 0x240-0x350 and irq:3,5,7.
the procedures i take are:
1. isapnpdump > /etc/isapnp.conf
2. modify any needed info in /etc/isapnp.conf
3. isapnp /etc/isapnp.conf

i got the id of my de220 but failed in the following ack procedures!

thanks for any help!

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