BogoMips, IBM ThinkPad 560 & 3C589 PCMCIA net adapter

1. Problem with IBM Thinkpad 560 and Raven PCMCIA CD-ROM


I have installed Slackware 3.3 with kernel 2.0.30 on an IBM Thinkpad
560. It contains 2 PCMCIA cards, slot 0 has a Megahertz
ethernet/faxmodem card and slot 1 contains a RAVEN CDNOTE 4X PCMCIA SCSI
card. When I boot from the diskette using pcmcia.gz image, the cd rom is
detected and I was able to install Linux from the CD. After rebooting, I
get no response from SCSI controller 0, drive 0..and my system hangs.
The CD is set to Address 5, even when changing to address 0 it doesn't
help. If I reboot from the diskette and mount my hard drive, then remove
the /etc/rc.d/rc.pcmcia file, reboot then I do not get the error.
Obviously I no longer have PCMCIA support!
What is the bare.i, pcmcia.gz images on the diskette doing differently
than the installed kernel?

The I/O address of the card is 230 with IRQ 10. Windows 95 sees this as
a RAVEN KXLC002 pcmcia card and linux sees it as a Qlogic card.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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