Micro-channel bus and Linux?

Micro-channel bus and Linux?

Post by Christophe Beaurega » Mon, 08 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>I have an old IBM PS/2 that I'd like to convert from MS-DOS to Linux,
>mostly just for the experience and to learn about Linux. I've read in some
>documentation from 1994 that Linux will not work on a Micro-channel bus.

Some documentation (INFO SHEET, META FAQ) says that.  The more accurate
documentation (Hardware HOWTO) says that MCA Linux is alpha, and not
really suitable for the uninitiated.

Quote:>Can anyone tell me if there is a distribution of Linux that will work on a
>Micro-Channel bus? Or, if not, is this something that may happen in the
>near future? Or, should I pitch this boat anchor and pick up one with an
>ISA bus.

See http://www.undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca/~cpbeaure/mca-linux.html



1. Will not autoscan NCR 53c710 SCSI on Micro-channel bus

I have several NCR3360 Towers which I am trying to get Red Hat 5.1 Linux
to load.  They have been running NT for several years.

When I select the appropriate driver from install script and select
autoscan, systems responds "Can't find device anywhere on your system".

The NCR is a micro-channel bus.  Does this require a different driver?  If
so, where could I find it and then how do I load it?  I'm new.  Any ideas
would be appreciated.


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