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Quote:> Hi all!
> Excuse me for cross posting, but i need kinda answers rather soon (before
> X-mas :) )
> I m running a debian, and i m an illustrator; I d like to buy a penmouse
> with a A6 or A5 size....
> I know that Wacom/graphire usb penmouses have drivers under Linux and
> can be used...but a A5 Wacom is soooo expensive!
> I found a A5 Aiptek one (8000U or 12000U model) really cheaper than the
> wacom s.
> Now, my question is: does this penmouse have drivers under linux ??
> Could i use it with my debian?

> Sincxerely yours,

> Pied


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Has anyone had any success with penmice/digitizer tablets running under
x / console linux??

I have a kurta penmouse and would love to get this thing working, but
don't know where to start....

Thanks in advance



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