Post by George Daswa » Sun, 15 Jan 1995 06:49:50


        Can somebody out there got the CDU-55E IDE cdrom

Well I have version 1.1.80 of the kernel which is supposed to
support the new IDE cdroms..  I compiled it for the second IDE
code (that supports two IDE interfaces).  I also compiled in
IDE CDROM support.  ISO9660 support is also compiled in..


show that It does have a CDROM
type 22 I think..

System Setup.

VLB IDE controller with secondary IDE port..

IDE port 1 - Connected devices CONNER HDD (MASTER)
IDE port 2 - Connected devies SONY CDU-55E IDE (MASTER)

Now how do you mount this CDROM?

I reconfigured the system and added

(LILO append)

I also read the README.ide and it said run


so I did a

sh MAKEDEV.ide1

this made some devices files on the /dev


I do a

ln -sf /dev/hdc /dev/cdrom
        I'm not sure but it might be backwards but it does show
        me that /dev/cdrom is a link to /dev/hdc

I then editted the



/dev/hdc /cdrom iso9660 ro

I then also made a /cdrom directory..

Now when I reboot it still doesn't mount (I have a CD - WC3)

it says something like super_io=read_funny (or something like that)
and superbread mount = failed

or something..

What am I doing wrong?
It seems that everything should work..  pointers anyone..

Any help appreciated..

George Daswani



Post by SNY.. » Sun, 15 Jan 1995 17:29:32

   /dev/hdc /cdrom iso9660 ro


   it says something like super_io=read_funny (or something like that)
   and superbread mount = failed

It helps if you report the actual error message, so that we
don't have to guess.  In this case, i guess that it said
`cdrom_start_read: funny request ...'.  You should read README.ide again
and specify `block=2048' as a mount option.  

This restriction is hopefully gone in 1.1.81.



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