Searching for Driver: CD-ROM LMS-CM205

Searching for Driver: CD-ROM LMS-CM205

Post by PHIL » Thu, 23 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I am looking for a driver for a LMS-CM205 CD-ROM which came with a
Media-Vision Fusion-16 CD and Soundcard.

If anybody knows of the source or a compatible driver for this card
please email or respond.  Been searching awhile...thanks for any help.

Greetings Uwe


1. LINUX "plug & play" CD with Philips LMS CM205 CD rom drive

recently i acquired the Yggdrasil plug & play linux cd, and of course
being plugged in and played was the furthest thing from its mind.
the first few times i tried booting, it didn't recognize the cd at all.
on consulting the docs, it becomes clear that they realized that the
philips cd rom drivers had to be separate due to some conflict with other
cd rom drivers and they nicely enough included a boot disk for the philips
drive.  however, they neglected to remove whatever cd drivers this version
of the boot disk conflicts with and, while the cm205 is recognized during
boot, i unfortunately get numerous other errors (from trying other cd
drives) and an eventual kernel panic about being unable to mount root.
does anyone have any experience getting this particular version of linux
to work with the cm205 drive, or have any suggestions about how to get
linux running from an alternate boot disk (that they might know how to
obtain)?  i'd really appreciate it...
the last straw for me was that the friendly MSCDEX compatible "runlinux"
program doesn't work either (although it's supposed to work with all
mscdex compatible drives, which my philips is), because it immediately
reboots the pc rather than starting linux.  quite frustrating, of course.
any suggestions about that would also be appreciated....
chris koeritz.
 To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others--Shakyamuni Buddha

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