Install Problem with matsushita CR-563 CD-ROM

Install Problem with matsushita CR-563 CD-ROM

Post by Sze Oi Kw » Sat, 09 Aug 1997 04:00:00


My Linux can not find my Matsushita CR-563 cdrom.

This cd-rom are connect  via a CD-ROM/IDE interface card since it
is not an IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM.

Although I have use the kernel include the driver for Panasonic, it
still can not found the CD-ROM.

I think the problem may be because the driver for panasonic are for
CD-ROM connect via a sound card buy my cd-rom are via an interface
card only.

How can I solve it.

Thanks a lot.



1. CD-ROM CR-563-x Matsushita/Panasonic

I'm trying to install Linux (Slackware dist. from InfoMagic CD-ROM).

My system is:
Packard Bell Model: Legend 5200 Multi-media
Pentium-60, PCI bus.
CD-ROM: Panasonic/Matsushita CR-563-x

My CD-ROM is not auto-detected by the "sbpcd" boot disk.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  
Is there a patch that I need to obtain?
Any information would be helpful.


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