ET6000 and Svgalib hires

ET6000 and Svgalib hires

Post by Landsha » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone been able to get svgalib to work with an ET6000 chipset
based card?  I have a Hercules Dynamite 128 and cannot get it to work
with svgalib above the standard 320x200 mode.  Is there something I
need to configure to allow me to use higher modes?



1. ???? ET6000 with SVGALIB ????

Ive got a problem using my STB Lightspeed 128 (ET6000 based) graphics
card with SVGALIB. As I can see ET6000 chip is not supported in linux
yet. But my problem is also using VGA modes with it. The only mode it
works is 320x200. I guess I did not set libvga.config right, but I
dont know how to do it. Ive read all of README files and lots of
HOWTOs but I dont see the solution.

Tetris-vga is working fine, koules-svgalib is working only with switch
-l which indicates 320x200 resolution. Some other programs/games
arent working (sdoom for instance - although it works in Xwindows

I would like at least mode 640x480 would be detected and working.

Im having linux kernel 2.0.27, RedHat 4.1 distribution.

Thanks for any hint!

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