Ensoniq Soundscape PnP vs. linux

Ensoniq Soundscape PnP vs. linux

Post by Gary Kah » Sun, 18 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Has anybody gotten this sound card running under linux?  I've followed
the Sound-HOWTO, I think, including booting linux via the LoadLin after
Win95 has initialized the card, but I've not gotten linux to see the
whole card.  Specifically,

cat /dev/sndstat

shows that the synthesizer part of the Ensoniq card isn't connected to

It could be that I'm not configuring the linux kernel properly.  I'm
using kernel v2.0.0 and the included version of the sound driver.  I'm
picking "Ensoniq Soundscape" from the list of possible drivers, even
though I've got the unsupported PnP version.  To find out what IRQs and
DMA channels to use, I'm using the information provided for the sound
card and for the system by Win95's "My Computer" screens.

One possible disconnect is that the linux kernel configuration refers to
an "Soundscape initialization DMA" which isn't mentioned in Windows.

Is it possible to get this PnP card working with linux at all?
I'd appreciate any help that anyone can provide.  Thanks.

If I get it working, I'll publish the specific methods here.