Problems with Adaptec 1542CF/Spea Mirage P64

Problems with Adaptec 1542CF/Spea Mirage P64

Post by Frank Pilhof » Fri, 17 Nov 1995 04:00:00


 I have a problem with my new 486/120 system, which seems to be a
conflict between the Adaptec 1542CF SCSI adapter and the Spea Mirage
graphics card. If both cards are installed simultaneously, the Host
Adapter Diagnostics of the Adaptec report "Data Buffer Miscompare"
errors (I believe it's testing DMA transfer), DOS hangs on copying
files from SCSI->SCSI and writes faultily from IDE->SCSI (original
and copy are different). No problems occur when data is only read
from the SCSI disc. Linux has similar probems and gets occasional
kernel panics.
 All these problems disappear if
        a) The Spea Mirage is replaced by another card (tested:
           old Diamond Stealth (ISA) and an ET4000/W32 (VL))
        b) The board is configured for worst performance.

 The Adaptec has already served me over a year of faithful perfor-
mance. The mainboard has been replaced without resolving the errors.

 My detailed configuration:
        -  MB 486/120 VL Motherboard
        -  Spea Mirage P64 (VL, Trio64)
        -  16 MB RAM (1x16M PS2 Simm)
        -  VL EIDE controller with 2 IDE discs connected
        -  Maxtor 1.2GB SCSI disc
        -  Toshiba 5301 SCSI cd-rom
        -  Adaptec 1542CF, controlling the SCSI devices and the FDs

 The graphics card also seems to work well if the Adaptec is removed
from the system. Has anybody experienced similar problems, or do you
have any idea how to resolve the conflict?

 Thanks in advance,


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1. Problems with SPEA Mirage P64 and MAG PA17S

Does anyone have the following hardware running XFree86 3.1 or XFree3.1.1:

    MAG PA17S (of DX17F) monitor
    SPEA Mirage P-64 videocard

If so, I would be very interested in your XFConfig, because I can seem to
get my setup in good working order.

Here is what I have done so far: I have installed XFree86 3.1 through
Slackware Pro 2.1 (setup). Then I went to work on my XFConfig. I
encountered three problems:
  1. There was no preconfigured MAG PA17S (or MAG DX17F), so I had to
     improvise a bit on the Modelines in my XFConfig. I managed to

     recognized as such by my monitor.
        Q: does anyone have any more Modelines (that leave my screen in
           one piece)?
  2. There seems to be a problem when I enter 'startx', because the
     startup video mode is not the one I specified. After hitting
     [Ctrl][Alt][+] a couple of times the video mode the right one.
     Apperently this has something to do with the ICS2595 Clockchip
     and this bug is documented in the S3-docs.
        Q: Has this problem been fixed in XFree86 3.1.1?
  3. When I typed 'startx -bpp 16' my monitor suddenly displayed a very
     unhealthy looking screen that clearly indicated a refresh rate
     that was to high.
        Q: How is this possible and how do I solve it?
So if anyone has the answers to these questions or is running XFree86
3.1/3.1.1 on my configuration, please follow-up or send me a mail.

  Thanks in advance, Bas Kleijn

My setup:
- MAG PA17S screen and SPEA Mirage P-64 card.
- Pentium 90MHz on Intel-PLATO PCI motherboard with 8Mb RAM with
  EIDE controller, ATAPI CDROM, IDE HD and various other irrelevant facts...
- Linux kernel 1.2.5 and XFree86 3.1

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