STB LightSpeed 3300 Graphic Accelerator card drivers needed ...!

STB LightSpeed 3300 Graphic Accelerator card drivers needed ...!

Post by Eedo » Sat, 12 Feb 2000 04:00:00


Where can I get drivers for STB LightSpeed 3300 ?????

10x all


1. STB Lightspeed 3300 problem

i have problem with this card. It's ok with resolutions and color depths,
in all of the above combinations it's not looks good in the screen. When
you move for example a window, you cannot then read it,because its full of
pixel everywere.Same in console, xchat, netscape scrolling, ...
under win98 it has no problem, so, i wondering,
can someone help me with that ????
please, i am new user
(i use now RedHat 6.1, i tried before months the opencaldera and it has no
problem !!!)

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