Does Linux Work on COMPAQ Pressario 9220 ???

Does Linux Work on COMPAQ Pressario 9220 ???

Post by Joel Wijngaar » Fri, 15 Mar 1996 04:00:00


I'm planning to join the world of Linux! Now i would like to know if the
Compaq PRESSARIO 9220 Works with Linux. Is there anybody who is using
such a system.

I'm asking this because i can get one cheap! (but it's a machine where
it's inpossible to choose witch card you ant!)

Thanks, Joel Wijngaarde

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Does Linux Work on COMPAQ Pressario 9220 ???

Post by Nate S Johns » Sat, 16 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I've heard not so good things about the Presarios and Linux.  Compaq used a lot
of propreitary parts when they built them, and as a result, they cut
compatibility for "alternative" OS choices, ie Linux and OS/2.




1. How create binaries < 9220 bytes after stripping?

Hi folks,

I have started reading netnews several weeks ago, and I am
enjoying all the nice hints, opinions and all that. I even
could help sometimes - maybe.

The last days I got stuck in a very little thing:

I could not create a binary smaller than 9220 bytes from
the following source:

int main()
  execlp ("/bin/sh", "sh", "/usr/local/bin/slip", "-start", NULL);
  exit ( 1 );

I tried for example: gcc startslip.c -o startslip; strip startslip

I tried "all" gcc switches I found via man gcc, always resulting
in a 9220 bytes binary. I even tried
and the famous "Hello World"   -   same result.

Checking with od I found that my 9220 byte binaries consist
of about 1 kB code and about 8 kB \000 bytes.

Compiling the same sources on a HP Unix machine results in
binaries of about 2.5 kB (HP9000/385 running HP-UX 9.0).

gcc --version: 2.5.8
uname -a: Linux cnex 1.2.11 #9 Fri Aug 25 20:53:02 MET DST 1995 i486

Who understands, what happens to my poor binaries?

Please answer via e-mail, if possible.
I'll post a summary of all your answers.

Nice hacking

Andreas Kaeser           Metzer Strasse 13a       D-58332 Schwelm          

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