please recommend an IDE/ATAPI tape drive

please recommend an IDE/ATAPI tape drive

Post by Derek Sha » Fri, 14 May 1999 04:00:00

has anyone a recommendation for an IDE/ATAPI tape drive.  IOW,
one that they have used successfully.

I've had good success with  AIWA BOLT 10 GB drive in windows 9x,
if anyone has any experience with that in Linux, I'd appreciate
hearing about it.

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1. please help illegal immigrant with ATAPI IDE Tape configuration

Well, a bit of hype was in order as I really need help (I'm a US
citizen)..BUT...I will buy up to a $40 book and ship it to the first person
that posts a response that will get this thing working!

First of all....I'm furthur along than I was 5 hours ago, but I'm just at a
complete dead end....
I'm trying to get an HP 7/14GB ATAPI IDE tape drive functioning on FreeBSD

Here's the pertinant part of the KERNEL on boot:
wdc0 at 0x1f0-0x1f7 irq 14 on isa
wdc0: unit 0 (atapi):<HP        COLORADO 14GB/4.000026>, removable, intr,
dma, iordis
wdc0: ATAPI streaming tapes not configured

This is great. It finds the controller and the drive, but it doesn't have
the intr (interrupt?), dma, or iordis (???)
I'm assuming that's why it tells me right there that it is not configured,
but I have configured it as much as I can by doing this:

I've customized my kernel with the ATAPI option and the ATAPI_STATIC option
and have put in these lines in my wdc0 section (it's my only IDE device).
option     ATAPI
option    ATAPI_STATIC
device     rwst0
(I've also tried wst0 above instead of rwst0 with the same results)

I've also run MAKEDEV wst0 , and that creates a file called rwst0 , so I
think MAKEDEV is in the know that I have a rwst0 device in my KERNEL.

when I run simple commands like:
mt -f  /dev/rwst0 weof
I get:
mt: /dev/rwst0: Device not configured

same goes for tar.....

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