STB Horizon 64 Video and X

STB Horizon 64 Video and X

Post by Brun » Tue, 28 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I currently have Redhat 5.1 installed on my system with
a STB Horizon 64 Video card.  (Actually, its currently a old ISA 1 meg
diamond card, but that's okay.)  I haven't found an exact match for
it in the video drivers, but the chipset is supported from what
I've read, and I don't have any problems at console.  In X though,
the entire system will completely lock up after 10 to 15 minutes when
I'm doing stuff.  Cold reboot, which is annoying.  Any thoughts.

1. Video Timings on (1995) STB Horizon 64 PCI Vid-Card

I am having trouble wth setting this card up to a decent configuration

I can get it to run with the , 'default vga " video setting of 320x200

but have all kinds of trouble when trying to set it for any decent
higher resolution timings . The best I have gotten so far , is X
running with 3x - horz - foldover . or double fold-over.
I am using a Princeton Ultra 14 ni Monitor with
Vertical frequency range - 50 - 90 hz .
Horiz frequencies of - 31.5 , 35.5 , 38 , and 48 khz.

The video card , (STB Horizon 64 PCI) with 1mb Dram installed now .
it has 2 sockets to upgrade it to 2 mb Dram .

It can do 1024x768x256 , 800x600x256 , 640x480x256 , all at True color
mode , In Win 95 , but I am new to linux and would really like to get
this puppy to run good in my linux setup .I'd be happy with the 800 ,
460 ,& 400 modes , so I can study the linux concepts in X-windows .

XF86Setup doesn't work probably cause my monitor has discrete single
horzizontal frequencies listed .
keeps telling me that cant connect to the  X - Server .

So I have had to hand - edit with XF86Config .
I have been juggling the mode - lines / Trying variations on the
existing timings for vesta standards , keep Rolling ,vertical , and
what looks like Too fast horizontal frequencies .

Is Linux just for Engineers , and Technicians to Tweak around with
, or Is there a way for , 'Ordinary Mortals to get some support for a
video card that is only a year or two old ? .
STB Horizon 64 PCI , There must be some info somewhere .
I have looked in the Sunsite LDP etc. and , /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/Docs .
any help is of course greatly appreciated .
Thanks .
John W Mislan

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