Realmagic Ventura+

Realmagic Ventura+

Post by chuckca » Mon, 26 Jun 2006 05:24:27

I have one of these cards and at one time the company released linux
drivers for it (it's an MPEG-1/2 decoder card), but they've since
disappeared off their website. Does anyone have any information on
getting one to work in linux (preferably as a frame buffer). NB: not the
hollywood card, this is an earlier card.

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1. Trouble with RealMagic Hollywood Card

Has anyone had any success with this card? I installed it, downloaded
the required files from the homepage. But when I run the last script to
start using the card, my screen goes blank and I have to reboot my
machine. Also, the card is using an IRQ which is being used by my NIC
card, and I would like to set it to use something else. I am using
RH6.1, Vodoo3 graphics card, XFree863.3. I cannot seem to even probe the
device. Any help will be great.

Thank you

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