Help - Adaptec 1542CF no longer Works

Help - Adaptec 1542CF no longer Works

Post by Edward Jankowsk » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I've been running linux for the past 18 months on a 486 ISA system with
a Adaptec 1542CF board combined with a IBM Spitfire SCSI hard drive.
Both have performed flawlessly.

Recently, I upgraded my system to the following:

133Mhz Pentium PC (Intel Triton Chipset, 32MB EDO Ram, 256KB Burst
Pipeline Cache - Mother Board is a TMC PCI54IT with built in PCI-IDE)
1.6 GB Conner EIDE Hard Disk
28.8 Internal Fax/Modem
TRIOS64 S3 SVGA Graphics Board (1MB)
3GB IOMEGA Tape Streamer
6 Speed TEAC CD rom drive

I split the Conner disk partition in two and got Linux Slackware 3.0 up
and running without any major problems. I then installed the Adaptec
1542/IBM Spitfire combination and tried to get linux to boot up without
any success. The linux system recognises the Adaptec card (it reports
adaptec at 0x330, IRQ 12 and DMA 5) and then timeouts.  Symptoms are
that it doesn't appear to pick up the LUN number and the disk geometry
(which is 1003, 64, 32) from the Adaptec Card. Is it possible that the
PCI bios is interfering with the Adaptec bios?

DOS recognises the Adaptec combination and allows me to fdisk the
Spitfire. I've created a 16MB DOS partition and accessed it without any
problems. However, linux with 1542 SCSI compiled into the kernel doesn't
want to work.

I've tried numerous combinations of Adaptec bios settings without any
success. I've also checked that SCSI termination has been carried out
correctly. If anyone can throw light on this problem or offer any
further suggestions that I can try, then I'd be most grateful.


Edward Jankowski


Help - Adaptec 1542CF no longer Works

Post by Jens Ellerbro » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

> adaptec at 0x330, IRQ 12 and DMA 5) and then timeouts.  Symptoms are

have you told your Bios not to use these IRQ's / Adresses for Plug'n'Play ?



Do _NOT_ eat the yellow snow ...


1. Help: Adaptec 1542CF and GUS soundboard won't work together!


This weekend I'm trying to replace a Seagate ST02 scsi controller with
an Adaptec 1542CF, and I can't seem to make the Adaptec work with my
Gravis UltraSound board.  I realize this isn't directly relavent to the
linux hardware group, but since that's the OS I use 90% of the time,
I thought I'd take the liberty.

I've done all the normal IRQ, I/O address, and DMA channel checking
and still am having no luck: either card alone in the system works
fine, but together the video fails to sync.  Sometimes my monitor
will show about five copies of the same stuff (normal boot info)
spread horizontally across the screen, most of the time nothing.  
But I believe the machine is booting, as the sequence of disk seeks,
lamp flashes, etc. seems normal.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.  Here's my setup:

        OS: Linux or DOS

        386SX25 no-name motherboard w/ Chips & Tech. chipset

        Gravis UltraSound strapped at I/O 220, game port disabled
                (The DOS init line would have it use dram DMA ch. 5
                 dac DMA ch. 1, IRQ 11 and IRQ 7 for MIDI, but I
                 am not getting to the point of initializing the
                 board before running into trouble.  Regardless,
                 I've avoided using these irq's and dma's on other

        Adaptec 1542CF using IRQ 12 and DMA channel 6 at I/O address
        of 330.  

        SMC Ultra Combo ethernet board at I/O 280, memory at D000-D3FF
        and IRQ at 10.

        Diamond Stealth 24 video board.

        US Robotics Sportster modem at comm 2, irq 3 and i/o 2F8

That's it.

BTW, I've acquired the Adaptec sans manual.  The Cntl-A setup during
boot is self explanitory, but there's a set of 8 dip switches on the
board I don't have info on.  Will these allow me to try using the card
at an address other than 330?  That's the only thing the bios setup
won't let me change.


Dave Barnett

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