NCR53c90a SCSI (I've read the SCSI Howto)

NCR53c90a SCSI (I've read the SCSI Howto)

Post by david gree » Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:00:00

A while back, someone gave me a Wangtek 5525ES SCSI Tape Drive.  I've
been looking for a controller, and now this person is willing
to give me the board from his old computer that he used with
the drive under DOS/Windows.

Both the drive and the controller use the NCR53c90a chip.  In
the HOWTO, this snippet disturbed me:

SCSI hosts that will NEVER work :

Non Adaptec compatable, non NCR53c8xx DTC boards (including
the 3270 and 3280).

The board itself has a "Compaq" label on it (I assume this person
used a Compaq).  I have not seen the board yet, but from what I
was told, there is no "DTC" label on it.  Can anyone tell me if this
will work under Linux?  Or is this board a DTC product with "Compaq"
on it?  Are there any drivers for the 53c90a?

If it won't work, I'll just trade in the controller at a used
parts store.  Will I have to trade in the drive too?

If it will work, I'll need some help with jumpers, etc. since there
are no manuals.

Thanks in advance for any help!

                                        -David Greene


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