ATA 100 controler ?

ATA 100 controler ?

Post by Xavier Mel » Sat, 11 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Hi !

I'm thinking of buying the new Epox EP-8KTA2 socket A motherboard
(caus'it's cheaper than the ASUS A7V or the ABIT, and my budget is
small...). Anyway, the motherboard has two ATA 100 controllers and my
question is simple, can I install linux on the ATA 100 Chanel ? I
understand how you can do it on the ASUS  because the ASUS has also two
other ATA66 controllers and you can start by installing linux from
there, patch the kernel for ATA100 support and then switch to the other
port. Is there a way to trick the machine so that it believes first that
my drive is just ATA66 ?  I really don't understand much about hardware
I guess...

Thanks in advance!



1. bug with promise ata 100 controler on asus a7v

It seems that this udma 100 controller crashes my system (freebsd 4.2
from latest iso).
When I install something with pkg_add, it often freezes the system after
a few minutes.
I connected my hard drive (IBM 30 GB ata 100, 7200rpm) on the basic
VIA 82C686 ATA 66 controller and it seems to run ok.

any suggestion ?

Pierre Caruel -- R3/409 -- 05 62 17 88 33

Supaero/Ecole Nat. Sup. de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace
French National Aerospace School

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