Does XFree86 support Trident 9440 SVGA Card?

Does XFree86 support Trident 9440 SVGA Card?

Post by Will Heym » Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:00:00

To quote the March 1995 XFree86 HOWTO:

The following standard SVGA chipsets are supported:

        TVGA8800CS, TVGA8900B, TVGA8900C, TVGA8900CL, TVGA9000,
        TVGA9000i, TVGA9100B,  TVGA9200CX, TVGA9320, TVGA9400CX, TVGA9420

I am interested in buying a "Trident 9440" SVGA card which isn't
listed above. Does anyone know if it is supported? Has anyone used it
with XFree86 successfully?


Will Heyman
UVa Applied Math


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Hi, I have problem to install the driver for my Trident 9440 SVGA card on
X. I can only get 320x200 resolution since this chipset is not identified.
I am using X 3.1.2. Where can I get the server file for that? Since I am
doing CDROM installation, how can get incoorperate that into my system?

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