RH 5.1 on PS/2 53 486SLC2?

RH 5.1 on PS/2 53 486SLC2?

Post by Ian Nea » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have the possibility of inheriting some IBM PS/2 53 486 SLC2 machines.
They have all the original (IBM) hardware (e.g., video, ethernet, drive).
I plan on installing Red Hat 5.1.  Are there any known problems or
time-saving tips before I begin?  Thanks in advance.

1. allowing 53 to 53 bad ?

I'm using a firewall that is set up by someone else, but i'm annoyed by
the denying (i.e logging) of packets that seem to come from my ippp0
interface port 53 to root-servers etc. also on port 53.

I'm tempted to allow traffic between the 2x53 (Please, please, no more
logging !).

This isn't an authoritive server, but i do use this server (among other
things) as a secondary server for my internal (non-official) domain.

Is it a bad thing to allow traffic between me and external dns servers ?

Thanks in advance
Ferry Harmusial

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