Bad blocks on HD and Linux barfs

Bad blocks on HD and Linux barfs

Post by Anthony Gre » Sun, 28 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hello all..
        Recently i booted Linux and after 5 mins or so while i was in X the
kernel panic'd because it couldnt read/write to the linux partition ..
/dev/hdb2 .. after looking further and many fsck's later i found that the
errors on the hard disk were in the directory /tmp. So even if i rebooted
and checked the hd with fsck to make ti reboot clean i only had around 1
minute to do stuff before something wanted to write to /tmp and couldnt..

Couldnt start X .. start a backup program or anything :( ..

Hence i have now lost my Linux partition and all that it contained (but i have
a backup from 1 month ago) :) ...

The only problem now is that i cannot format the Linux partiton, even tried
the slow look for errors format in the setup ...because it finds the errors and
after an hr just gives up on the harddrive....

So i am left with replacing the drive i guess... (1.2 gig Maxtor) .. anyone
know what sort of warranty they come with? ..

Also if you can offer any other suggestions or comments please mail myself
as i am in Windows 3.11 now and it pissing me off!!!

thanks :)

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Bad blocks on HD and Linux barfs

Post by Rachel Polansk » Tue, 30 Apr 1996 04:00:00


>So i am left with replacing the drive i guess... (1.2 gig Maxtor) .. anyone
>know what sort of warranty they come with? ..

Sounds *exactly* like what happened to me, except on another partition.
What version of the Maxtor drive did you have?

I just posted here about backups - the headcrash I had was on a Maxtor

Perhaps these are not very good quality hardware?

I couldn't be bothered on the warranty with mine,
so I opened it up to look inside.

All the little heads were mangled.

 My new Quantum Atlas has a 5 year warranty on it though :)

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