Toshiba 4x v. Mitsumi 4x CD-ROM

Toshiba 4x v. Mitsumi 4x CD-ROM

Post by Chris Richar » Fri, 28 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Here are the statistics I have compiled:

                Toshiba                         Mitsumi
Buffer          256k                            128k + 128k virtual
DTR Mode 1      600 kb/sec                      600 kb/sec
DTR Mode 2      684 kb/sec                      684 kb/sec
 Random         150 ms                          
 4 Stroke                                       400 ms
 3 Stroke                                       230 ms
 MTBF                                           15,000

I can get either for $218.  Now, which one should I get?  Does the buffer
make that much difference?  Problems or compatibility problems?  Will
Linux have a problem with either?  Which is ACTUALLY faster?

I need to get a CD-ROM ASAP, and have about $200 to spend... and Quad
speed... either IDE or SCSI.  All information would be appreciated.



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Toshiba 4x v. Mitsumi 4x CD-ROM

Post by Mikhail Karpoukh » Sat, 29 Jul 1995 04:00:00

>            Toshiba                         Mitsumi
> ....
>I can get either for $218.  Now, which one should I get?  Does the buffer

Here in LA one can get them for $170.


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1. 1.1.81 and Mitsumi 4X IDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM problems

I'm having problems getting Linux 1.1.81 to successfully recognize my
Mitsumi 4X IDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM drive.  The drive works fine under DOS
and Windows.

I've read the README.ide in the drivers/block directory.  I've added the
'append "hdc=cdrom"' line to /etc/lilo.conf (and reinstalled lilo).

Here are some excerpts from the /var/adm/messages file:

Jan 18 04:00:43 helix kernel: ide1: hdc: cdrom
Jan 18 04:00:43 helix kernel: hdc: no response
Jan 18 04:00:43 helix kernel: hdc: ATAPI cdrom (?)
Jan 18 04:00:43 helix kernel: ide1: secondary interface on irq 15
Jan 18 04:00:43 helix kernel: ide0: primary interface on irq 14

If I attempt to mount a CD-ROM the machine hangs for a while
(I can switch virtual consoles but cannot type).  If I hit
control-C the 'mount' attempt finally fails (after a minute
or so) and then I can type again.

If I boot DOS first (which loads the DOS IDE driver for the
enhanced IDE card and for the CD-ROM drive) and then do a
warm reboot into Linux, Linux recognizes the CD-ROM drive
and the drive mounts and works fine.

Here is what /var/adm/messages says in that case:

Jan 18 03:52:25 helix kernel: hdc: FX400_02, ATAPI, CDROM drive

If I use Linux 1.1.75 with the ide patch applied (and warm boot
to Linux from DOS), here is what /var/adm/messages says:

Jan 18 02:53:50 helix kernel: hdc: XF04_020, ATAPI, CDROM drive

The drive works fine in this case too.

Any ideas on what could be the problem?

Is it more likely a problem with the drive or with the PCI EIDE
card?  I recently helped someone setup up Linux 1.1.75 with IDE
patches and a Mitsumi 4X IDE ATAPI drive on a ZEOS Pantera and
had none of the above-described problems.

My machine has an ASUS P5-90 PCI motherboard.  The EIDE card I'm
using is called "S1363-004 PCI Local Bus Enhanced IDE & Multi
I/O Controller".

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