IBM SCSI-2 FAST PCI ADAPTER: is it supported?

IBM SCSI-2 FAST PCI ADAPTER: is it supported?

Post by Vincenzo Roma » Sat, 11 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I've got a brand new IBM PC Server 486/66 and its SCSI-2 controller.
The Hardware-HOWTO/SCSI-HOWTO don't mention it but I'd like not to buy
another controller.
Does anyone of you know if this piece of hardware by IBM is "compatible" with
someone other?
The part number of the controller is 32G3100 and the "big fat chip" on the card
is labelled as "82G2675 CF64977PCM 4AA4F3W" and is manifactured by TI.

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1. IBM SCSI-2 Fast PCI adapter?

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to install linux on an IBM PC 750 P100 with an IBM SCSI-2 Fast PCI
adapter and an external SCSI-CD-ROM attached to it.

However, when I boot linux from my install disk (LST 2.1 distribution,
1.2.13 kernel) I get the following messages:

Probing PCI hardware:
Unknown PCI device. PCI vendor id=15. PCI Device id=5.

Unknown PCI device. PCI vendor id=1014. PCI Device id=1d.

and the external CD-ROM - in fact everything attached to the SCSI-adapter -
is ignored (I did try a 1GB SCSI harddisk as well).

/proc/pci says:

PCI devices found :
Bus   0 Device   1 Function  0.
     ISA bridge : VLSI 82C593-FC1 (rev 0).
Bus   0 Device   4 Function  0.
     IDE controller : OPTI 82C621 (rev 0).
Bus   0 Device   8 Function  0.
     Old VGA controller : S3 Inc. Vision 864-P (rev 0).

The chip on the adapter is from Texas Instruments and has 3 numbers on it:

the PCI SCSI Bios says at boot time:
PCI SCSI Bios Copyright IBM Corp 1994
Version 1.2 08/94

Adapter Found: PCI Bus=0, Device Number=C
Device Found: Id=3, Lun=0, Type=05h RMB=1
Vendor ID="IBM     CDRM00203     !J"

Any hints, clues, whatsoever?

Thx in advance,
-- Wieland
Wieland Holfelder, Dipl.Wirtsch.Inf.
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