Question: sync on green video cards for linux

Question: sync on green video cards for linux

Post by D. Schleif » Sat, 14 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Ok, here's the deal:  I got a relativly old HP 20-21" monitor
at an auction, and I know it is fized frequency at 72Hz.  It
has a 3 BNC connector and does sync on green.  I am putting
together a new system for myself at home and I can't afford a
nice monitor yet, so I figured I would buy a nice video card
(in anticipation of a nice monitor) that would support this
fixed frequency sync on green montior I have in the mean time.
Does anyone know of a video card that will do so?  Also, does
anyone know where to find modelines for old HP montiors?  I
think it is a A1097C, but I am at work and can't quite
remember...Thanks in advance.

Dan Schleifer

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