Changing printer options (HP 5Si MX)???

Changing printer options (HP 5Si MX)???

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I have a HP 5si MX I am trying to print from using my linux with standard
bsd lpd. My problem is that the printer has both legal and letter paper,
and I would like to tell the printer which type of paper to use (postscript
is prefereable)

Please help, thanks,


PS Email is preferable, as my newsgroup client bugs out alot


1. printcap entries for special options on HP 5SI/MX printer?


Our lab is considering buying an HP 5SI/MX printer, with some of the
extra stuff like the multi-bin mailbox and such.

We plan to use a Linux machine to print to the thing, via
a parallel port connection.

My question is: does anyone know how the printer gets signaled for
things like "print this job to mailbox 5" or "print using paper source
3" and the like?  Is it some escape code that preceeds the postscript?
Is that documented somewhere?

The hp web pages say there are drivers for HP and Solaris
workstations, but its not obvious if you *need* their drivers for
these special features or if some simple hacking of the /etc/printcap
entry will do the trick.  Essentially, I'm concerned that we won't be
able to use the advanced features of this thing if we end up getting

The linux print driversallow you to put an escape sequence before
and/or after certain printer entries, but I'm not clear if that is the
mechanism by which printing options are selected.  If such codes are
instead buried in the postscript code, for instance, then I think
we're screwed.

Any info? I'd massively appreciate any information I could get on this.  



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