US Robotics x2 Modem Sweepstakes Links!

US Robotics x2 Modem Sweepstakes Links!

Post by (Jethro » Sat, 19 Apr 1997 04:00:00

They're giving away 2 modems a day at 50+ sites.  All you have to do
is register to win!


1. Internal US Robotics X2 Modem help . . .

I am running Solaris 7 x86 and am having trouble making either uucp or
PPP dial.  However, I can use either tip or cu and complete a manual
ASCII dial out.  When I use
Uutry the modem never responds to the initialization string.  I have
tried the following strings from the /etc/uucp/Dialers file ( hayes ,
usrv32-ec, and usrv32-nec).  I have also tried to hack a string that
will work.  But the problem seems to be that the modem is not receiving
the strings at all when sent from a program such as aspppd or Uutry.  I
would appreciate any ideas on the subject.


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