JetDirect and lpq

JetDirect and lpq

Post by Walter F. Bisch » Sun, 12 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I am using an HP4 with JetDirect card and the following entry in


Printing works OK, but when I do an "lpq -Phpdirect" while the printer
is printing a file, lpq simply hangs until the job is done, then returns
"no entry". What may cause this "unhelpful" behavior?

I am using RedHat 4.0. The printer also gets files from a Sun workstation
running HP JetAdmin. No problem with lpq there.

Thanks for your help.

Walter F. Bischof

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We have an HP 4si/mx to which we are trying to print from Linux.  Our
Linux box (Redhat 3.03 running plp and samba) also acts as an SMB print
server for our Windows '95 users.

I am currently trying to print using lpd/lpr with the following entry in
our /etc/printcap file:


Everything works fine until the printer tries to do two things at once.
For instance, we can do an "lpq" command and if a job is printing, the
printer won't accept the status query.  Often something will time out
and we'll get a "Warning: queue is not active (no server present)" message
and "Remote connect to 'raw' (acdps3) failed: Connection refused".

I would use netatalk to talk to the printer, but our Windows '95 machines
tend to send escape sequences to control printer options which don't seem
to be handled properly by netatalk/pap.

Does anyone have any advise?  Is there a fix for JetDirect to allow it to
handle multiple TCP/IP connections?

Thanks in advance.

  NCAR/ACD Unix Systems Administration

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