Disk problems with with a winbook XP DX/100

Disk problems with with a winbook XP DX/100

Post by David L. Sifr » Mon, 18 Mar 1996 04:00:00

> I bought a winbook last october.  It had 16M, DX4/100, and a 810M
> hardrive.  It was about a thousand dollars less than a toshiba.  I
> liked the fact that you could have a touchpad, and the fact that you
> could add 16bit sound card without using a PCMCIA slot ( Also the
> internal modem - 14.4 only).  I was happy with the purchase.

Yup, I have one too - DX4/100, 810MB Toshiba HD, 32M Ram.  It's a nice
package, and a good price.

Quote:> I've had some disk problems.  I sent it back and they replaced the
> hardrive ( took about 3.5 weeks, I went through microcenter, -- It was
> the week of the big january snowstorm).  It worked just fine for 1
> month.  I'm having the same trouble with it again.

Sorry, I can't really help you there. :-(  I haven't had any significant
disk problems.  I have 3 different 810 MB drives and a 540MB drive that
I swap in and out without problems. It's worth the money, IMHO.  Winbook
is cool in that you can order just the drive frame kit from them (about
$13) and get the hard drive from someone else (I got one cheaper from
Road Warriors).  I know that they're also putting in the new toshiba
1.2Gig drive into the new XPs, but that they don't support them on the
DX4's.  That doesn't mean they won't work, but I'm not about to spend
the money to find out.  Well, that's thoroughly off topic, eh? ;-)

Quote:> I started with an 810MG win95 partition, then used fips.exe to
> reduce the partition to 496M, and partitioned the rest for
> linux ( I think I used a 20M swap and the rest one big partition).
> I use lilo to boot ( defaults to win95, and linux ).

Hmmm, did you defragment your disk before running fips?  fips is
reported to non-destructively repartition drives, but you've got to make
sure that you defragment the disk and have the new partition completely
clean, otherwise it could corrupt data on your (now smaller) original
partition.  This is all hearsay, BTW - When I put Linux on my winbook, I
backed up everything, then wiped the disk, made fresh partitions, and
reinstalled my DOS stuff from tape.

Quote:> I use linux 1.2.13, from slackware 3.0.  Once linux was installed,
> everything ran fine ( win95 scandisk through check, etc).  Also
> installed win95 PLUS!

> I do not believe this is a linux problem, but I'm trying to get
> as much input as i can.

Doesn't sound like a linux problem.  Either you have a bad surface on
your hard disk on the Win95 partition, or you've got some corrupted info
because of fips, IMHO.

Quote:>   1.  Could I get some input from winbook please. ALEX??
>   2.  What is the current BIOS revision?
>   3.  Have there been any problems simular to this?
>   4.  Does anybody use a winbook in this configuration?
>         Anybody else use linux on a winbook?
>   5.  Does anybody have these same symptoms?
>   6.  Anybody know of better diagnostics - norton, etc?
>   7.  Is there any problems with using fips.exe to reduce
>         the hardrive from 810M to 496M ( it makes the
>         disk space under 512M, but keeps the same sector
>         size)?
>   8.  Any good suggestions?
>   9.  Any other suggestions?

I'd be interested in what you find out.  I use slackware 3.0 linux
(kernel 1.2.13) on my winbook with pleasure.  I still haven't gotten the
audio to work the way I want yet.  Also it took some doing until I could
get some pcmcia cards (like the Adaptec SlimSCSI) working, but that just
needed the new pcmcia drivers.  Oh, and getting the ATAPI 4x CDROM
working on the docking station took a while to get right, but it hums
along well now. XFree86 works fine.

Do you know if they've fixed the BIOS so that the "Battery Only" power
management works?  I got the runaround a bunch of times from the guys at
winbook tech support about that one, but that was a couple of months

All in all, I've found the winbook a competent machine, especially for
the price.

Dave Sifry


1. Anybody know/solve these two WinBook XP laptop problems?...

I've got linuv v1.3.3 and the latest slackware sources up and running on my
WinBook XP (including getting X running) but I'm experiencing two problems
that I don't know how to solve:

    1) The Askey modem in my laptop acts funny. when I start my machine up
       and enter a terminal emulator (i.e. xc -l /dev/modem) to local
       mode, where I can communicate commands to the modem. If I type "AT"
       I should get back "OK" from the modem but I don't.  I do get the
       "AT" echoed back to me so I know the modem is listening but it acts
       exactly as though I typed garbage. (the cursor goes back to the
       beginning of the same line it was on and the modem completely
       ignores the string).  This happens no matter what the baud rate is
       for the serial port.  It only seems to correct itself after a
       series of hard reboots and finally typing " at", (yes the space in
       front is supposed to be there). sometimes it gets the modem's
       attention finally but sometimes I just have to reboot again.
       Once I have it's attention once the modem acts completely normal
       again until I shut the machine off.

       Is this a side effect of Askey modems or could I have a broken

    2) When I start X windows the curson movement from my Point stick
       pointing device (like on IBM ThinkPads) seems to have decent
       movement. However after using X for a while and switching back and
       forth between some virtual terminals my cursor seems to go into
       "slugish" modem. No matter how hard I press the point stick in any
       direction the cursor does not accelerate.  It simply moves at a dog
       slow constant rate.

       'xset m <accel> <thresh>' seems to have no effect on the movement at
       all (even when the cursor is acting normal).

       Do you know why the cursor goes into this slow mode?
       Do you know how I can fix it?
       Do you know why 'xset m arg1 arg2' doesn't seem to have any affect
       on my PS/2 style point stick's movement?

Thanks for any and all help I really appreciate it!!

- Jeff Wiegley

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