Which linux for my laptop?

Which linux for my laptop?

Post by Malcolm Beb » Fri, 10 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have a 2 year old P133 laptop, with a TFT screen and Cirrus 7543 chip

I tried to install Red Hat 4.1 about 18 months ago, but had problems
getting X running with the 7543 chipset (apparently a known problem at
the time).

Anyone able to advise a current distribution that will work with this
chipset, without too much hassle (and cost!)? I'm far from an expert!


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1. LINUX - Installing on LAPTOP : AST Ascentia J30

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me their success in installing Linux ( Slakware or other )
onto a AST Ascentia J30 ?

I have just bought a Linux Admin book ( mainly to get the slakware cd ) but
have not yet installed it. My machine needs a jig about first to get some
disk space etc.

The machine I wall it on is as follows :

        AST Ascentia J30
        24MB Ram
        810 HD ( Needs to be split between 95/Linux ) --- a bit short, I know !
        PS2 port mouse
        800x600 TFT Display

Thanks in advance for the info


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