wireless connections

wireless connections

Post by Ed Majde » Tue, 22 Oct 2002 05:58:56

Does anyone know if RTLinux will work with a wireless hub?  I want to
connect two computers in a wireless network, one running Win98se and the
other RTLinux.
Can you recommend something that will work?

1. Linux wireless connection problem

Hi all,
using gentoo with ndiswrapper 1.18, a broadcom 4309 chipset, with the latest
*.inf file drivers, and kernel 2.6.17, wireless ext v20, all on a dell laptop.

When I upgraded kernels to 2.6.17 and recompiled everything so ndiswrapper
modules would run I've been having a problem with the "iwconfig" command.
Ndiswrapper is set up correctly with the right driver, and I can scan for ESSIDs
with iwconfig wlan0 scan but when I use "iwconfig wlan0 essid <name>" the card
does not associate with the AP; "iwconfig wlan0" displays ESSID: on/any.

Adding "ifconfig wlan0 up" and and iwconfig wlan0 commit" does nothing.  It's as
if the card is not "getting" or accepting the changes I pass to it.

This whole thing was working with kernel 2.6.12 and an older wireless ext and
ndiswrapper version 1.5; but I don't think the kernel or ndiswrapper version
upgrades had anything to do with it.  I have an external pc card with madwifi
drivers for this laptop and it works fine with the upgrades.  What can I do to
get this internal card to accept changes with the iwconfig command?

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