Could someone repost problems with Cyrix 6x86 MB

Could someone repost problems with Cyrix 6x86 MB

Post by skip.. » Thu, 28 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I was reading the group and
someone posted that they wouldn't buy a Cyrix 6x86, because of
postings in this group. Could some repost this information.
I have a friend that's die hard set on getting me up and running on
linux, so if there's a problem run the 6x86 MB with this operating
system I would love to know.

Thanks for your help.



1. Cyrix 6x86 + Gigabyte ATS/P MB + Linux?

I was wondering if anyone is running a Cyrix 6x86 120+(100Mhz CPU) on
a gigabyte ATS/P motherboard with Linux Slackware, kernel 1.2.13 and
gcc 2.7.0.

The reason I would like to know is that I am trying to run this combination
 without any luck at all. I am told that this MB will run with the 6x86
and that Cyrix 6x86 is compatible with Linux but I have not had any info
on the full combination.

My problems are manifesting themselves with an inability to compile a kernel
which I am told is a good indicator of a MB-CPU conflict.

I have swtiched SIMMS, switched video, turned wait states up and down and
things are simply not cooperating.

So if anyone can confirm that this MB-CPU combo does work with Linux I can maybe start looking at faulty Hardware ie CPU or MB as the culprit.

Thank You for any help or comments
Terrence Martin

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